Jean Pol Cornelis
 guitar, guitarsynth & backing vocal

He likes to refer to the famous Toots Tielemans, when he’s expressing his inner world: He feels frequently a 'minor 7 person' (between a laughter and a tear ). Being a sensitive creative busy bee, he is constantly looking for the beauty in life. Music, imagery, sound, those are the languages he uses to express himself. He cherishes the inspiration of the moment, and likes to capture this in precious recordings and videos. And when this is happening, he feels deeply happy, being able to share this with like-minded people, walking together on this creative journey.

Jonathan De Kegel 
bass & backing vocal

Jo was 9 years old when he first discovered the organ, which is when he began to follow classical  lessons. In his teenage years he taught himself how to play the acoustic guitar, and now with 5 o'clock shadow, he is displaying his talent on the bass  and singing backing vocals.  He is a sponge, a true multi layered musician who likes to be challenged - He recently recorded his first full CD with his own compositions played on his piano. . He is very passionate when he’s into  the sound of his  funk- rock- pop grooves. This guy is  very open minded,   and lives his life according to some basic rules that hold strongly for him :  a healthy mind in a healthy body   and … very important  eating  healthy natural food .

Ben Sturtewagen

Ever since he was a little boy Ben could not sit still. People asked themselves.. "what is wrong with this child who never sits still?" Nothing at all… This little guy just has an innate, very strong feeling for rhythm.It is said that people always resemble their favorite pet, and vice versa… well, …he looks just like the way he plays his music: straight forward , very tight, never wandering off into meaningless details, never too many  ‘interbeats’ . When he plays his drums , you hear him, loud and clear, no room for doubt… it’s Ben