Chris Mortier

is a Belgian singer song writer, living close to Ghent in Belgium. Chris is a great lover of nature, which is why he enjoys living a rural life, where he can enjoy the country side, his dogs, cats
and goats as well as many fish in his abundant ponds. A self-taught musician, he has been playing
cover music practically his whole life. Fun, good times, seeing happy people while performing … it is
a very good recipe for the soul, always groovy indeed. It’s a way for him to stay tuned and to keep
on practicing.
On the occasion would he write some material of his own, on and off for many years, but for one
reason or another, he never decided to take it further until recently.
A few years ago, some of his friends listened to his demos and convinced him to take his own music
more seriously, and at last, he decided to finish all those songs he once started, most of them with
just the guitar and a rough melody line. So he polished them this year, for many hours, evenings and
nights.He calls his music vintage pop rock. His lyrics are well thought through. His wife is American, and she
likes to help find combinations of words and sentences with a deeper meaning. She has become his
co-writer for most of the songs.
His influences are really broad. He studied piano in his teenager years, sliding trombone, guitar, and
can perfectly appreciate a waltz of Chopin and make the switch to a juicy AC/DC riff. In his ears
…everything is possible.His musical taste is also very diverse. But some are part of his inner happiness and fulfilment : David
Bowie , Pink Floyd , The Beatles, Abba ( oh yeah ), the close harmonies of Crosby Still Nash and
Young, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, the Who , Steely Dan, Adele, Pink,U2, Arno, Novastar… this kind of
music lifts him up .

Last year he met Jean Pol Cornelis, producer and an ace in making punchy arrangements.
The two of them started working together, and now there are about 20 songs ready to be released
Chris formed his band, 5 o’ Clock Shadow. And this has little to do with an overnight beard situation.
5 o’ Clock refers to the strong anticipation one can have at that specific time of the day. Many good
things still can happen, if you believe in it .
The color gets richer, the distinction between light and shadow is getting bigger. This also means
things get easier because they are being outlined more clearly. There’s less a grey zone. He is a big
fan of claire obcsure and Rembrandt as a painter.
He is about to release his first single: Prime Time Delight. It’s Chris’ little way to protest, with a
cynical wink, Mr. Trump and the way he has been messing up the country so far.